Monday, July 11, 2011

5th July 2011

Our hiatus has ended, and to celebrate Santa Fe gave us a brand new treat - We were seated at table number 1.

 As befits a table of such high stature, We were confronted with decoration of such sumptous elegance it took my breath away.

It appears to be a drawing of a surly lady with a monobrow, and a rug depicting an 8-bit game. I'm not sure why the birds have an extra wing on their chest, nor why the backdrop for the lady is a tree being swallowed alive by a giant sponge. I never did understand high art.

Now, onto the Cheesedip: At first glance, it looked worryingly delicious.

 It was warm, the chips seemed crisp, and the bowl was type 3. Then we deftly tried to sample the dip.

Even buffalo bill would skip this skin.

It was just a facade. The delicious looking cheese - tastefully patterned with spice - came off in a swipe, leaving a light brown bowl of sludgy material.
It was hard to get past the emotional turmoil invoked by this. I manned up, fought through the pain and betrayal, and got eating.


The dip was intensely spicy, blanketing out all other flavours - The texture indicated that it might be cream-cheesy, but occasional glimpses seemed to imply that there might be genuine flavour lurking down there. I guess we'll never know.

Santa fe seems to have worked through their old chip staleness problems, but delight in coming up with surprising new ways for the chips to scare me. Today we had GIANT CHIPS swarming everywhere.
They burned the chips for added authenticity

I'd also like to include a rare taco supplement: the magical hovering taco meat! They've hired some foodgineers to apply the 'meat pie with no filling' trick to tacos - if you manage to wedge the meat high up in the shell, it looks like there's more food. Brilliant!

I swear it looked less like horseshit at the time

The breakdown:
Consistency: Moderately thick
Spiciness: I couldn't taste for days afterwards.
Appearance: Type 3 with fakecheese layer for aesthetic appeal
Temperature: Warmish, quickly cooling
Flavour: Probably nice?
Chips: GIANT AND BURNED but otherwise quite nice.
Chip-to-dip-balance: Fairly accurate. We had to break our last chip into subchips to get maximum use, but it worked out well.

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